Hello (again) world!

Welcome to interfluidity at its new home. Hopefully I’ll have a substantive post soon. In the meantime, I’d appreciate any feedback in the comments on how the new site looks and works for you. Also, if you had subscribed, does your subscription to interfluidity‘s RSS feed still work? (Were you notified of this post without having to resubscribe?)



16 Responses to “Hello (again) world!”

  1. jestyn writes:

    shows up fine in google reader, with the last 10 posts

  2. Zane Selvans writes:

    Got the post in my RSS feeds via Google Reader, no problem whatsoever.

  3. Steve Randy Waldman writes:

    jestyn & Zane — Thanks! (So far so good…)

  4. Suzan writes:

    It showed up on my igoogle page – and the old posts and graphics are fine. It’s looking like a pretty flawless transition . . .

  5. frankl writes:

    yeah, my googlereader(TM) picked you up nicely – as to layout, googlereader renders that null since it presents all subscriptions uniformly and that IS one of its benefits :-*)

  6. Kevin writes:

    Your RSS feed works great with my Google Reader. I did not have to resubscribe to see the first post on the “new” site. Welcome back!

  7. Tom Myers writes:

    I’m subscribed through bloglines; no problem.

  8. Bo writes:

    RSS feed to the Google Reader continued without a hitch. Thanks for the informative posts!

  9. BuzzP writes:

    Get RSS feed direct (not thru Google Reader) – showed up without me doing anything

    as for how site looks, don’t know if you changed the logo/BG color scheme, but the upper right logo is nearly invisible – then again, maybe that’s your intention

    Mac, OS X, 10.6.2 – colors look the same both NetNewsWire and Safari

  10. BuzzP writes:

    Also, your clock is set to Redmond/Cupertino time (i.e., PST) – by choice or by chance?

  11. Rortybomb writes:

    Good to go in google reader read on Safari. No re-subscribe.

  12. George writes:

    My RSS feed works perfectly! Glad to see the site is back up and running.

  13. Steve Randy Waldman writes:


    Thanks to all for what so far seems like uniformly good news. I’m very glad that most subscriptions are working. Like many of you, I prefer never to see the layout of the sites I love the most. (The script interfluidity logo is intended to be kind of a dark watermark, visible but not obvious at first glance, though I’d prefer it to be a bit more visible than it currently is no my screen.)

    Re the clock, I’m mostly an Eastern timezone kinda guy, but the new host is in CA. I’ll try to adjust the time reported and in any case, it makes sense to have the time zones reported in the timestamps too.

    Links via “interfluidity.powerblogs.com” are still broken, but the very excellent powerblogs dude should fix that shortly, and then interfluidity can just, like, be. Interfluidly.

    Thanks again, and do let me know if you find something broken.

  14. Bill writes:

    The new site works good.

    I’ve got a question that someone can hopefully set me straight on.

    By keeping interest rates low and buying mortgages, it seems like the Fed is shifting the ownership of the mortgages. By encouraging sales and refinancing through low rates and lax FHA standards, old mortgages are shifted to FHA guaranteed mortgages (from banks?). By buying MBS, the Fed is taking ownership at presumably inflated prices from Fannie/Freddie (and banks?).

    Is this bad, though?

    The FHA guarantees are bothersome but if the Fed is simply printing money to buy MBS and they fall in value, does it matter? Isn’t that exactly what they should be doing if they’re worried about deflation?


  15. Rick writes:

    Shows up fine in NetNewsWire along with prior posts.

  16. Eric writes:

    I can see the post fine…even through my company firewall!!