Where am I?

It’s been a while! There’s been nothing on this site, but I’ve been busy elsewhere. What writing I’ve done is mostly on my drafts blog. I’ve been largely devoted to tech-ish things lately, some of which I write up on a tech blog.

My writing is now split among multiple sites, but you can follow all of it via unified RSS feeds, one that covers all blog posts, another that covers all blog posts and also microblogs.

These days my microblogging is Mastodon.

Mastodon is not a unified service, but a federation. You join a forum and post on that forum, but your posts gets syndicated to followers elsewhere as well. I’m currently on zirk.us, but started out on fosstodon.org and then econtwitter.net. I’ve published archives of these past lives — here’s the fosstodon archive, here’s the econtwitter archive. I wrote a tool (“fossilphant”) that generates archive websites from the post archives you can export from Mastodon, and tried to make it very easy to use. If you have a Mastodon presence you’d like to preserve, I’d love if you would check it out!

I’m basically off Twitter, though I occasionally check my old account there. A social website is a collaborative enterprise. Twitter has become an enterprise to which I do not wish to contribute. I really hope that you won’t either. Let’s collaborate to build better things.

Among other tech-ish things, interfluidity “office hours” have migrated from Zoom to a self-hosted Jitsi. Which means you don’t need an app, it’s just a URL in your browser to join. We’ve had office hours (almost) every Friday for more than two years. If you are interested in participating, say so in a comment to this post, and use a real e-mail address. (E-mail addresses are not made public when you comment.) I’ll mail you the info.

Over the next day or two I’ll do a roundup of the stuff I’ve posted to the drafts blog, since when I last did such a thing in March.

Time flies. I hope that you are having some fun.


5 Responses to “Where am I?”

  1. Bill writes:

    I didn’t know about these office hours and would love to participate, whenever schedule permits!

  2. I’m curious to hear more about the office hours, their purpose and what is considered “on topic”.

  3. Steve Randy Waldman writes:

    @Kartik They are neither very purposeful nor very topical I’m afraid. They have been pretty random, sprawling conversations, about whatever participants wish to bring up!

  4. David Pollak writes:

    Please send me a link to office hours

  5. Matthew writes:

    I’d love to join some office hours