Thank goodness…

…for Yves Smith.

If you aren’t shrill, you aren’t paying attention. Weren’t we supposed to be done with shrill now?


4 Responses to “Thank goodness…”

  1. Nemo writes:

    It doesn’t matter; nobody is listening. The media and Congress are completely focused on “executive compensation”. There will be a 1-2 week debate over executive comp, then some token gesture for the lawmakers to point to as they hand $1 trillion to our largest and worst banks. Same thing that happened with TARP I.

  2. RueTheDay writes:

    And the leak from this morning is even worse – suspend mark to market accounting rules for banks, provide “insurance” against further asset losses (more INITIAL bang for the buck than outright purchases), and then buy up toxic assets with the remaining funds at “market” value (which will not render banks insolvent because of the suspension of M2M).

    Are you kidding me?????????????

  3. MethodMan writes:

    And the banks STILL will not lend, except perhaps to the corporations that are also zombies.

  4. Headlong…