Sometimes the blogosphere really is an echo chamber. I'd like to join in.

Brad Setser has been silenced, via the devious mechanism of, um, hiring him for a job at the White House.

I've admired Brad for a very long time. It is not an exaggeration to say his blogging altered the course of my life. I was a Java programmer curious about economics when I stumbled upon Brad's original blog at RGE Monitor. I learned an incredible amount trying to make sense of his deep and intricate posts. I became quite the groupie, first as a silent lurker, then as a participant of annoying frequency in the incredible comments section he has always inspired. My thinking, and the changes in direction that my career has taken, owe a very great deal to that experience. In a just world, I would have paid Brad Setser a lot of money as tuition.

His disappearance from the blogosphere is a terrible loss. I have not been a fan of the current (or previous) administration's handling of the financial crisis, and am terribly cynical about many key players in the economic policy establishment. Although I have often disagreed with Brad, I trust him very deeply, both in terms of the quality of his work and the concerns that drive him to do it. I'm not sure whether to be pleased or mad about Brad's abduction to the corridors of power. That will depend, I think, on how carefully his colleagues listen to the irreplaceable voice they have deprived us of.

Thank you for everything, Brad. Now go save the world already. Goodness knows you've been trying for long enough.

Steve Randy Waldman — Wednesday August 5, 2009 at 5:03am permalink
Richard H. Serlin (mail) (www):
Welcome back! I'm impressed you were able to go so long without blogging.
8.8.2009 12:08am
Steve Randy Waldman (mail) (www):
Richard, thanks!

I'm unimpressed... I feel like my blogging muscles have gone flabby. I've really got to start exercising again...
8.8.2009 6:28am
Independent Accountant (mail) (www):
I second Serlin's motion!
8.11.2009 11:15pm
walt (mail):
Yes, I'm glad to see you're back, but don't become an echo.
Why am I getting this:

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The requested URL /archives/archive_2009_06.shtml was not found on this server.
Apache/1.3.34 Server at Port 80
8.13.2009 12:47am
walt (mail):
This guest post on Naked Capitalism may inspire you.
8.14.2009 11:03am
walt (mail):
OK, we'll do it the hard way: debtors revolt.
8.14.2009 11:14am
CFR didn't seem like a good fit for Brad.(which circle(s) of hell are CFR members required to attend? Truth is immortal and just, power(and it's lust) always ends the same way.....ruin and shame. Let's hope Brad can bring a little sense to the NEC.

Bottom line, the incestuous wall st/DC/K st. relationship is either destroyed or the country is ruined(think USSR).............about those green shoots........WTF are you guys smoking? Have you learned NOTHING over the last few years? This AIN'T ROCKET SCIENCE!

Hey, let's make John Law look good.......................
8.14.2009 9:18pm
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8.15.2009 11:46pm
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