Since, alas, is shutting down, this may be my last post here.

I'm off to (Thanks to @DontMindMe, who was kind enough to make me feel welcome!)

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See you on the other side, I hope!

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i love badly computerized bureaucracies. i signed up in May for insurance with a company i'd occasionally used in the past. when i logged in, their site directed me to archival information about expired policies, with no access to the new one.

After multiple go rounds with their customer service—phone, webform—it seemed resolved. i could login.

but it turns out, the way they fixed the problem was to misspell my name in their system. today i noticed that, told them.

now i'm locked out again.

what if we have reached peak pique?

a good, very short post.

@jpkoning i'm not sure your piece addresses how ZCash is very different from base-layer protocols like ETH or BTC. with ETH/BTC, transactions can be pseudonymous, but they're public and so traceable with elbow grease. OFAC can sanction ZCash addresses all it wants, but for "shielded" transactions, they have no way to observe violations, let alone trace them.

there's reason to treat ZCash (maybe Monero) differently than ETH/BTC. That OFAC hasn't demands some explanation.

@olav very.

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@wakame @lori i think i meant the articial suffering entity. as you say, there’s little novel about manufacturing suffering among ourselves.

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how long until we invent artificial suffering?

a static site generator implemented in POSIX sh.

this person looks like fun.

fascists work to divert your attention from the people who are robbing you to people they can make disgust you.

if you favor free speech, you should support smaller forums, with no employees subject to "hostage taking" by authoritarians in the name of global presence or reach.

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@czimm_economist @SteveRoth i had no idea about the old ones, so i may not be the right person to ask…

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a thing i didn't know, but now do (thanks to !), is that you can fetch an unmerged pull request from github like git fetch origin pull/2752/head (where '2752' is github's identifier for the pull request), and then checkout or even merge FETCH_HEAD to play with it.

@czimm_economist @SteveRoth i think it's xxix already!

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@SteveRoth @czimm_economist emacs is vii — whadaya gonna do?

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@amiya_rbehera i spent a few years doing open source blockchain work but i have to admit i’ve become demoralized by how little has been built that doesn’t have at its core speculation on valuation gains. it’s not that great things can’t be done! there’s been some wonderful tech innovation. but a fast-money venality seems to eclipse almost everything. i’d be grateful if you post about projects that are likely to do more good than casino (or casino supply).

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@cshentrup good to know! i'm glad you do what you do. as i said yesterday, i think adopting approval voting for single-winner elections is perhaps the lowest-hanging social fruit we oughta pick.

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@cshentrup are electionscience and rangevoting affiliated?

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@cshentrup yes! i'm very with you on your electoral work.

(i thought you were affiliated with ?)

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@cshentrup probably we disagree over just how grave the consequences of economic concentration and the inequitable distribution of wealth and income are. in my view, they are apocalyptic, our society (or at least our liberal, nonauthoritarian version of it) won't long survive and won't prosper if we fail to address them. 1/

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@cshentrup note we are not talking about taxing production. we are talking about taxing receipts, firm payouts, resources that firms never use. firms can produce, would continue to have at least the resources, that they do now (at least because if you tax payouts, they pay out less). /fin

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