Eliminate the slavery loophole that remains in the US Constitition. edition.cnn.com/2023/06/16/pol

one thing that distinguishes Florida politics from other places I've lived is the forthright pettiness of Republican politicians. when they feel slighted they use state power to punish, pretty openly *pour encourager les autres*. eu.floridatoday.com/story/news

i’m a bit disappointed that late capitalism hasn’t released a deplorables brand of biscuit.

there is a tacit religion defined by the kind of person for whom vox.com is a catechism.

I am trying out pixelfed… pixelfed.social/p/interfluidit

are jurors in the Trump documents case going to have to get security clearances?

One application: maybe VisionPro will be the best way to safely view an eclipse.

I really like the fosstodon.org community, but I post too much political stuff, and I don't want to put it all behind content warnings, per their norms, as I think that would interfere with the conversations I want to have.

So, I will soon be moving here!