i came up as an object-oriented programmer, and learned to be very careful about what to name as a verb vs what to name as a noun. now i'm playing with a functional-programming "effect system" (zio), and it feels like what would have been verbs can all be nouns (kind of a gerund form?), though what would have been nouns still can't be verbs.

q: why are vampires so poorly represented in Congress?

a: your Count doesn’t vote.

we're maybe getting a great example in real time about how a systematic signal can allow a coordination equilibrium to be overcome.

OMG I just realized!

Welcome to The Federation 🖖

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so much of what i tweet now are basically little fortune cookies or dad jokes that come into my head. i don't feel like i know whether that's cool here. (it's probably not cool there, but nothing is, the community is too diffuse for me to really care about its norms.)

Hi. I'm Steve / @interfluidity, a sometimes developer, sometimes writer. I enjoyed @garritfra's post, and thought I'd give this world a try.